reduce swelling after Coolsculpting

How to recover faster and reduce swelling after Coolsculpting?

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Although Coolsculpting is a procedure that is considered safe, simple and superficial, it does not mean that you might not suffer a little bit after the treatment has been carried out. There might be some painful symptoms or uncomfortable side effects. Some might not feel any symptoms at all, others might feel them during days or weeks after the procedure was completed. Some symptoms can be swelling, pain, and bruises. The best thing to do is to choose the best medical spas Fair Lawn NJ can offer and get it done by professionals of the beauty business. 

If you want to feel better in less time, continue reading. Here are some recommendations for a speedy recovery and a reduction of unpleasant symptoms. 

Research and Prepare Yourself as Much as Possible


The same as with any procedure no matter how simple or noninvasive it may be, it is necessary to be prepared. You need to ask your doctor how many sessions your body needs. This will mainly depend on how much fat you want to reduce and how many body parts you need to treat. It is also important to keep track of your treatment since the beginning. It can help you understand the procedure and results better. If you have the treatment done again in the future, this will help you know what to expect. Your pain resistance is also an important factor. Having low pain resistance will definitely affect your recovery. Your doctor might prescribe Ibuprofen but in a few cases, prescription medicine might be needed. Even though it is not essential for 

you to be in bed, it is a good idea to rest or decrease the intensity of your daily activities. Exercise is not forbidden, low-intensity exercise is acceptable. 


A Healthy Diet and Water are Essential


It is important to avoid beverages with sugar and even alcohol up to one week after the treatment. Water is the only drink recommended because it is natural and it will help eliminate the fat cells that were frozen. This is also important with food, continue eating as healthy as possible and don’t give in to fast foods at least one week after the Coolsculpting has been done. Patients who have been taking care of themselves are the ideal patients for this kind of treatment, so you definitely need to continue eating healthy and pursuing a healthy lifestyle. 

Compression Clothing is Extremely Useful

This type of clothing will help your body feel more secure and at the same time provide you a good feeling during your recovery. This skintight clothing will adjust to your body and help you recover faster. Use it as long as you need to. 

Your Coolsculptor needs to give you a massage after the procedure is carried out. Ask about it before you get your procedure done and remember to keep having an active and healthy lifestyle so the effects of the Coolsculpting procedure are better and more effective. If you would like more details about this procedure visit

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