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Are PRP Injections A Good Way To Help Hair Grow Back?

Are PRP Injections A Good Way To Help Hair Grow Back?


Androgenetic alopecia, or male and female pattern baldness, is a common condition that affects more than 80 million adults in the U.S. Even though the condition is common, it still causes frustration, low self-esteem, and even serious mental health problems like social anxiety and depression. Baldness is a problem for many people, and it can affect both men’s and women’s quality of life. Even though there are many cosmetics and drugs on the market that claim to stop hair loss and make hair grow back thicker, the truth is that none of them work.


Researchers and scientists are still trying to find a cure for baldness, but so far no drug has been able to stop hair loss for good and make hair grow back naturally. No shampoo, conditioner, or mask will ever be able to replace lost hair because it can’t fix damaged hair follicles. Until recently, hair transplantation was the only option for people who were losing their hair. This is a complicated, expensive, and sometimes dangerous surgery. But things have changed a lot since plastic surgery discovered the many benefits of platelet-rich plasma injections. This is a minimally invasive procedure that doesn’t need a scalpel, anesthesia, or time to heal.

What does an injection of platelet-rich plasma do?

Platelet-rich plasma injection is a medical procedure that uses your own blood to speed up the body’s natural healing process. At first, only doctors used platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, to treat sports injuries like chronic tendon injuries and muscle injuries. But dermatology soon learned that high concentrations of platelets were good for the skin and hair loss.

Red and white blood cells, plasma, and platelets are some of the things that are in our blood. Platelets are a kind of cell that helps stop bleeding and heal wounds. More recently, it has been found that when injected into the skin at higher concentrations, they can reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles, heal acne scars, stop hair loss, and help hair grow back. People from all over the country come to Lasting Impression Medical Aesthetic to get PRP injections to help with hair loss and hair growth.

Do PRP injections work to make hair grow back?

Platelet-rich injections for hair restoration are a fairly new way to treat hair loss, but clinical studies have shown that they can help people who are losing their hair. There are different kinds of hair loss, which are usually caused by getting older or by your genes. But stress can also cause hair loss, especially if the person smokes or doesn’t eat enough vitamin D and iron.

Androgenetic alopecia, also called baldness, happens when the hair follicles get smaller, which makes the hair fall out. When platelets are injected into the scalp, the blood flow to the damaged hair follicles gets better, and the hair shafts get thicker. When your body’s growth factors are turned on by a lot of platelets in your plasma, the hair growth cycle is reset. This makes your hair thicker, healthier, and less likely to fall out.

How do PRP injections work to help hair grow back?

This treatment for hair loss is pretty easy, and it doesn’t take more than 30 minutes. To get the platelets out of your blood, the person doing the procedure will need a sample of your blood. They will spin your blood in a centrifuge to separate the blood cells from the plasma. The platelet-rich plasma will then be injected into the areas of your scalp where you are starting to lose hair.


The procedure doesn’t need anesthesia, and most people only feel a little bit of pain. PRP injections are a non-hospital procedure that doesn’t require any downtime. Most people who get this kind of treatment for hair loss are ready to go back to their normal lives the next day. But maintenance treatments are necessary, so you will probably have to get PRP injections once a month for three months after the first treatment, and then every three to six months after that.

Does getting an injection of PRP to have any side effects?

Since your own blood is used to make the plasma that is injected into your scalp, there is no chance of an allergic reaction. There are some other possible side effects of PRP injections, but they happen rarely and are caused by the procedure itself, not by what is in the injection. Because of this, it is very important to only get this kind of treatment for hair loss from a team of experienced doctors who work in a clean environment.


Some of the possible side effects of the procedure are nerve damage to the scalp, damage to blood vessels, and scar tissue at the injection site or where the injection was given. If the doctor decides to give you anesthesia for the procedure, you might also feel confused or have muscle aches. Before getting this hair growth treatment, you should talk to your doctor about your medical history. You should also avoid getting this treatment if you are taking blood thinners, have an active scalp infection, or have chronic liver disease.


During your first appointment at Lasting Impression Medical Aesthetic, you’ll meet with a specialist who will look over your medical history. We’ll talk about your goals and how you live to make sure that the treatment will give you the results you want.

When will I see the results of the PRP injections I had to help my hair grow back?

PRP injections can help thicken hair and stop hair loss in the future, but patients should have realistic goals for the procedure. Platelet-rich plasma helps hair grow and makes more hair, but it might not work with the way your hair grows naturally. The procedure has been shown to work very well for people with moderate hair loss, and it can also be used to help hair grow after hair transplants for people with severe hair loss.

Before you can see the first results, you’ll need a few rounds of injections. After the procedure, you’ll notice that you lose less hair in the first few months. As the platelet-rich plasma restarts the growth phase of your hair cycle, you’ll notice that your hair is getting thicker and healthier. For the best results, talk to your doctor about changes you can make to your lifestyle, such as eating foods that are good for your hair. This will help your hair grow back faster and make the most of this powerful treatment for hair loss.

Lasting Impression Medical Aesthetic is proud to give our clients detailed instructions on how to take care of themselves after their treatments. We are also always available if you have any questions, so you can get the most out of your treatment.



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