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Age can take its toll on the body and show itself through different ways, be it wrinkles, fine lines or other visible symptoms. Dr. Roel Galope at Lasting Impression Medical Aesthetics in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, may have a solution. Sculptra® is an injectable treatment that improves skin quality, making it firmer and have a natural-looking glow.

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Sculptra ® is now FDA-approved for the correction of fine lines and wrinkles in the cheek area. Sculptra is an injectable treatment that helps provide your patients with improved skin quality, including firmer skin and a natural-looking glow, with results that last up to 2 years.

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Firmer Skin in 2 - 4 Years!

Sculptra helps restore the skin’s foundation, resulting in firmer skin throughout the cheek, from the top of the cheek to the jawline.

Ninety percent of patients† had an improved jawline contour 1 year after Sculptra treatment when injected into the cheek region, with 86% of patients showing improved jawline contour 2 years after Sculptra treatment when injected into the cheek area.


Is BTL Vanquish Me Effective?

In an article on, Alyssa Hertzig writes about her own experience with the treatment. “A few weeks after my final treatment, I was changing in the bathroom when I glanced in the mirror and did a double take. My stomach was practically gone. Okay, not totally gone, but noticeably, undoubtedly different—and smaller,” she states.  

Generally, after the initial Emsculpt treatments which are given 4 times over the course of 2 weeks, results last 3-6 months before maintenance is required.  One treatment every 3-6 months is required to maintain results.

Emsculpt is generally recommended 4 times over the first 2 weeks, then once every 3-6 months for maintenance.  While there’s no official limit to how often one can do Emsculpt, doctors caution to not overwork the muscles by refraining from exercise a day or two prior to treatment. 

Generally, people see results in 4-6 weeks after the initial 2 week period of treatments.  Some people see results earlier. Nearly everyone reports feeling a tighter abdomen or glutial region before actually seeing the results on their body.

Many patients and doctors in recent years have reported excellent results with Vanquish including losing fat and smoothing out cellulite on the body.

Vanquish is non-invasive, painless and FDA approved. It has been determined safe to use on the human body, validated  through clinical studies. 

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