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Plasma Facial

Are you starting to see the signs of aging written all over your face? Do you want that youthful glow back? Dr. Roel Galope at Lasting Impression Medical Aesthetics in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, has just the solution! A stem cell facial helps to boost your body's own collagen naturally.

How does a this facial work?

Plasma or stem cell therapy uses your body’s own growth factors to speed up the production of tissue and collagen, which dramatically improves the look of your skin. This popular treatment takes the idea of rejuvenating the face to a whole new level. Using plasma from your own blood, we can help make your skin more flexible, fight wrinkles by making collagen, and make scars less noticeable.

What happens during the facial?

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A few vials of your blood will be taken by our nurse practitioners who are very well-trained. Then, we spin your blood in a centrifuge to separate the red blood cells from the plasma and platelets. Using our one-of-a-kind micro-needling device, we make tiny holes in your skin called microchannels. These holes let the therapy flow into your skin. When the therapy is put on the skin, it releases at least eight essential growth factors and signaling proteins. These work to fix damaged tissue and blood vessels, help new tissue grow, and make more healthy cells. Collagen takes a while to grow, so most people see results in about 4 to 6 weeks.

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Treatments for Hair Growth

The therapy can also be used to stop hair loss and thin hair. Your treatment’s growth factors may improve the overall health of your scalp, repair damaged hair follicles, and speed up the growth of new hair follicles, which may help your hair grow back.

Lasting Impressions is the best place in NJ to get a Plasma Facial. We offer a skin rejuvenation program that is focused on getting results by using the most advanced technology. First time at Lasting Impressions? Call us at 201-228-3200 right now set up a free consultation and save 20% on your first treatment.

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What a Plasma Facial can do for you:

  • Better blood flow and flow of blood
  • Makes skin look healthy
  • Lessons scarring from acne
  • Getting rid of stretch marks
  • Fights Wrinkles
  • Collagen is made by
  • Since it’s your own plasma, there are no side effects.

What should you expect from stem cell facial?

We work hard to make sure you’re comfortable the whole time. Before making the microchannels to infuse the therapy facial, we put a local anesthetic on the skin. The process is painless and takes about 20 to 30 minutes to finish. We will talk about all of the aftercare rules and make a treatment plan for the best results. We suggest doing a few of these along with one of our at-home care kits to get long-term benefits.

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Stem Cell Facial Aftercare

This procedure is focused on getting results and needs little to no downtime right after. Most people’s faces are light to moderately red for about 24 hours. Also, it’s best not to wear makeup during this time. After 24 hours, you should use a gentle cleanser and moisturizer to keep your skin moist. You can buy a great at-home treatment from us on the day of your treatment.

For hair restoration, start washing and conditioning your scalp every day the night of or the morning after the therapy.


We understand that fully commiting to a treatment is difficult if the results last only a few months. But with the Stem Cell Treatment, results will last for years without the need to return for follow up treatments! However, it is not uncommon for patients to want another procedure earlier to obtain even better results.

The Stem Cell Facial does not require us to introduce artificial chemicals into the skin like Botox. While these treatments can reduce wrinkles and smooth out the skin, they are not long lasting and will not aid the body in restoring it’s own youthful glow like the Stem Cell Facial does.

The Stem Cell Treatment can be used to smooth and lighten the horizontal wrinkles of the neck. The results of treating the neck line include a significant improvement in the tone and texture of the skin.

Yes! Conditions like alopecia are hormone related issues that results in hair loss. Traditionally, therapies had included treatments that would either reduce or stabilize the hair loss which often have a very low success rate. Stem Cell Treatments are different in that they promote new hair growth over the scalp with results after just one treatment!

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