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Flat Rock Brook Nature Facility is a 150-acre preserve and teaching center in Englewood, New Jersey, located on the western slope of the Palisades. Citizens devoted to land protection and environmental education founded the Center in 1973.

The Flat Rock Brook Nature Association manages the preserve, which is one of the final remains of the Palisades Forest. The goal is to keep the 150-acre preserve in good shape as a natural refuge for plants and animals in the metropolitan region and nature preserve open to the public for trail walks, nature research, and other quiet enjoyment. In addition, every year, they provide environmental education programs to tens of thousands of schoolchildren and members of the general public to foster knowledge and respect for nature and a feeling of duty to conserve it.

Flat Rock Brook’s 3.6 miles of trails provide a range of hiking, birding, trail running, and other recreational options in a lovely Oak-Hickory woodland along the Palisades Ridge’s western side. A cascading stream, wetlands, ponds, wildflower meadows, quarry cliffs, and forests are accessible through a network of self-guiding routes. A diverse range of birds and other creatures may be seen in their natural settings. The paths range in complexity from low to strenuous and weave throughout the preserve. The courses are well designated with colorful blazes that correlate to the routes shown on the map. Both the Nature Center and the Jones Road entrances include free trail maps. Flat Rock Brook’s paths and picnic area are available to the public from sunrise to dark 365 days a year.

Flat Rock Brook is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization funded through memberships, contributions, and grants. You can aid Flat Rock Brook by becoming a member or making a tax-deductible gift.

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Management of the Environment

Flat Rock Brook’s 150 acres of woodland land are a rare oasis in a densely populated region. It serves as a haven for plant and animal species in an area where there are few green areas. Flat Rock Brook’s role as land steward is to conduct practical and successful conservation and management programs that maintain the land’s long-term viability. All of these programs and activities have the same goal: to expand and protect biodiversity, improve the viability of the forest as animal habitat, and assist forest regeneration and native plant regrowth.

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Flat Rock Brook seeks to save energy. They are trying to save resources and use clean energy wherever feasible. These techniques help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other negative consequences of fossil fuel usage. They also employ sustainable materials for building projects and ordinary office usage, reducing logging and quarrying’s adverse effects. In addition, they properly manage the water resources and appropriately dispose of garbage, including composting and recycling.
Flat Rock Brook provides year-round opportunities to engage with nature, including hiking, public programs, and volunteerism. In addition, flat Rock Brook’s activities and informative nature center attract visitors to learn about the ecosystems. Discover everything Flat Rock has to offer! For further information, contact at (201) 567-1265.