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See the Difference with Vitamin C


Do you want to know how Vitamin C affects your skin? Is it good medical advice to put Vitamin C directly on your skin, or is it just another hoax made up by the cosmetics industry to sell more skin products?

First of all, people can’t make their own Vitamin C. This is a bad thing because this “wonder vitamin” is important for many body functions, like making collagen and keeping it healthy.

Medical research has shown that Vitamin C is a key part of keeping collagen in good shape. It does this by stopping the breakdown of enzymes that are important for making collagen.

Studies have shown that vitamin C makes human fibroblasts make more type 1 collagen, which is the best kind of collagen. Collagen is made by cells called fibroblasts. Also, getting enough vitamin C keeps dermal collagen at the right strength and density.

If you want beautiful, glowing, and healthy skin, you should make sure your body gets the right amount and best quality of Vitamin C.

You’ve heard how important it is to eat fruits and vegetables. The sad thing is that by the time that delicious piece of fruit gets to your stomach, it has already been off the tree for about six months. I’ll let you figure out how much Vitamin C it still has left.

Dr. Galope in Bergen County, NJ, suggests:

  • Take 1,000 mg of Ascorbyl Palmitate twice a day, at different times. One with breakfast and one with dinner, for example. This is the best Vitamin C on the market; we sell one made by Pure Encapsulations.
  • Make sure you use a serum with Vitamin C phosphate on your skin because it makes the Vitamin C more stable and helps the skin absorb it better. 


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