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What Can I Do To Get Rid Of Acne Scars?

What Can I Do To Get Rid Of Acne Scars?


Most of the time, we think of acne scars as being caused by skin problems in teens, which is not true. If acne isn’t treated, it can leave behind marks and scars that are hard to get rid of. This can lead to uneven skin and other problems, like Keloids. These red spots are caused by too much oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria in your skin’s pores. Not everyone is born with skin that is perfectly clear and has an even tone, but what if we told you that you could get those things with the help of spa treatments used for cosmetic purposes? Yes, we can explain the whole process of laser acne scar treatment in a way that is clear and easy to understand. Choose the best treatment for acne in New Jersey based on what you know.

Figuring out who you are!

Before you do anything to treat your acne, you need to know what kind it is. We hope you already know about the main kinds of acne that can happen on different skin types. Don’t be afraid! We’ll help you tell the different kinds of acne apart. You will also learn later in this blog which treatment is best for your type of acne.

Types of Acne Scars

There are two main types of acne scars. One, called an atrophic scar, is caused by the loss of tissue. The other one, called a hypertrophic scar, is caused by too much tissue.

All of the four main kinds of acne scars will be in this group.

Ice pick

Ice Pick Scars are narrow and deep, and they can go all the way to the dermis. It got its name from the way it looks, which is like skin that has been pierced by an ice pick or other sharp object. These scars leave a small but deep hole in the skin. This scar might also look like a big open pore on some types of skin.

Why Development Happened:

Ice pick scars start when a cyst or other deep, inflamed spot gets infected and spreads to the surface. In time, the skin tissue will break down, leaving a scar that looks like a column.


Boxcar scars look like ice pick scars, but they are oval or round and have steep vertical sides. Boxcar scars are a little bigger than ice pick scars, and they make the skin look bumpy and uneven.

Reason for Development:

If inflammatory breakout damage and destroys collagen, the tissue will be damaged or lost. This area’s skin doesn’t have anything to hold it up, so it’s sagging down. Boxcar scars can be simple and light or deep and complicated, mostly depending on how much tissue was lost.


The most noticeable thing about this scar is that it looks like waves or rolling depressions on skin that otherwise looks normal. Rolling scars aren’t as clear-cut as Boxcar scars. The skin looks bumpy and rough.

Why Development Happened:

Rolling scars happen when there is a band of fibrous tissue between the skin and the tissue under the skin. The epidermis is stretched by the expected fibrous bands, which join deeper into the skin. The rolling surface of the skin is caused by the epidermis being stretched out.

Scars that get bigger and don't go away

Scars that are hard and raised above the skin’s surface are called hypertrophic scars. Most of the time, acne is to blame for hypertrophic scars on the torso. It can also grow in any place on the skin. Men are most likely to have it. Most people get hypertrophic scars after a deep wound or trauma.

Keloids are raised scars that are very painful. Keloids, on the other hand, get bigger than the original wound. Keloids can send out parallel, raised shoots that go far beyond the wound and keep growing even after the wound has healed.

Why Development Happened:

Hypertrophic scars are different from the other scars on this list because they are caused by too much collagen production. When it comes to keloids, the skin might not know that the wound is healed and will keep sending out collagen.

The treatments Are

Most of the time, pictures of acne scar treatment with a laser before and after can be misleading and not true to life. Don’t give in to places that make false claims and give you fake things. At Lasting Impression, we have a team of well-trained professionals who can help you figure out what the problem is and give you a detailed consultation about what can be done to fix it. We offer the best beauty treatments that can help you reach your goal of having clear skin. We look at your medical history to make sure that the chosen treatment is right for your health. Safety and accuracy are our top priorities. There are happy customers all over New Jersey who can back this up. Acne scar treatment costs a lot, but we have the best prices and best treatments. Call us right away to make an appointment so we can tell you more about how to treat acne scars.


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