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What Makes a Great Medical Spa?


These days almost everyone has heard of or been to a medical spa for some type of service whether it’s Laser Hair Removal, to Botox, to Fillers and more. But not all MediSpas are created equally. So here it is – the good, bad and ugly sides of medical spas.

Medical Spas are starting to pop up everywhere you look from Luxury Salons to Strip Malls. In Bergen County, you can’t drive even a few miles without seeing at least one. This means you have lots of options! But it also makes it harder to find the right one. So here’s what you need to know to find a safe and trustworthy MediSpa that fits all of your needs.

What Makes a Med Spa Different from a Day Spa?

Advanced Medical Treatments

A medical spa provides advanced medical-grade treatments, a distinction not typically in day spas. The critical disparity lies in the involvement of a physician. The physician’s expertise significantly influences the treatment options available at a medical spa.

Often, these spas offer aggressive treatments tailored to enhance skin appearance, particularly addressing issues like wrinkles and widespread skin discoloration. Examples of such treatments may involve Botox injections and laser therapies for skin rejuvenation.

Licensed Medical Staff

Qualified Medical Personnel The personnel employed in a medical spa must possess appropriate credentials for their practice, a requirement distinct from that of a day spa. Day spas commonly employ estheticians, who do not necessitate the same licensing as medical professionals running a med spa.

In a medical spa, physicians administer medical-grade treatments; they must possess the requisite training and certification. This ensures a higher standard of expertise, minimizing the likelihood of complications during procedures.

Medical Spas Tackle Resilient Beauty Concerns

Med spa treatments offer practical solutions for persistent beauty issues like acne and wrinkles. In contrast, day spas primarily offer relaxation facilities, featuring services such as massages and steam baths with saunas. While day spas may provide these amenities, med spas distinguish themselves by going the extra mile, offering genuine medical treatments designed to address some of the most stubborn beauty issues.

Utilized Equipment and Devices

You can expect specialized equipment for various cosmetic procedures in a medical spa. Given the constant evolution of technology in the cosmetic field, seeking a medical spa that stays current with the latest inventions and treatments is crucial. Conversely, day spas typically do not invest in such specialized equipment, as they do not offer focused cosmetic treatments.

Questions To Ask Yourself

What are your goals? What would you like to change? What are you willing to consider? What are you not willing to consider? Many med spas will try to upsell you, so if you go in knowing exactly what you want to accomplish, impulse will be far less likely to overtake you leaving you signed up for everything on their menu.

Tip #1: Look at the Spa’s service menu and make sure they offer what you want before you spend your time going to a consultation.

Tip #2: Check out their reviews. Yes, sometimes there are super angry customers that are just trying to ruin the spa’s reputation, but overall if you see more negative reviews than positive, be smart and steer clear. And don’t just look at the number of stars in the reviews – read them! Are they responsive? Are they trying to resolve the reviewer’s problems? Are they thanking their good reviewers? Are they rude and snippy to bad reviewers?Tip #3: Make an appointment for a consultation. Pay attention to how they treat you on the phone and while scheduling. Are they booked weeks out? Are they polite and excited?

professional medical spa

When you first get to the spa look around. Is it clean? Are their dust bunnies in the corners? Empty trash cans? Do you get a good feeling when you walk in? Does the receptionist greet you? Pay attention to these things because it reflects how they will treat you!

During your consultation appointment be 100% honest. Do not be embarrassed- literally ask ANYTHING! Do you have hair in “weird” places? Trust me, they’ve heard it all- make sure you get all of your goals met. Ask all of the questions you have. This is YOUR BODY. You deserve to get everything you want. Also, ask what product/ laser they use and do research on it to ensure it is what you want.

Tip #4: Make sure you can meet with the doctor or nurse that will do your treatment if you are getting filler or botox. Look at their face. Often if you don’t like the filler they have in their face (and they think looks good) you will not be happy with your filler. There are many different techniques and doctors are inclined to do what they think looks good, not necessarily what you want. Also, ask what they’ve had done- they should be honest with you.

Tip #5: If you don’t feel 100% sold on the spa, keep looking. Don’t rush this process- the goal is to set up a long-term relationship with a place you love.

If you have any comments about what YOU think makes a great medical spa, comment below!


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