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Getting the desired spotless, lineless and flawless skin is no easy task and this is why after years of research, doctors have found out that the key ingredient to uncovering this secret, lying just beneath the surface of your skin is through classic treatment. Classic treatment, revealed to be the fastest way to unlocking a glowing skin can be gotten from the best medical spa in Bergen county.

The Chemical Peel, regarded as a blast from the past as it was one of the most common skin care procedures in the early 2000s has been described as one of the most important procedures to unlocking  glowing and spotless skin. 

After the skin care procedure was buried in the early 2000s by some of the newest skin care methods such as skin-resurfacing lasers, these classic treatments have returned to become top on dermatologists’ lists. Having been proven to be effective skin care treatment, many people are subscribing to it even more than in the past when it was the trendy thing to do.

Skin peels, which involves casting off the dull surface cells of the skin, can help improve certain skin conditions such as fine lines, acne, skin discoloration, and more. One of the most interesting advantages presented by this skin care treatment procedure is that it is suitable for all types of skins, irrespective of the texture and color, and less expensive compared to some other treatment options.

While many have reported chemical peels to cost a fraction of the amount spent at the dermatologist for laser procedures , this is not enough to convince you of the importance and advantages of this skin care and treatment procedure. Below are some more reasons why you should take advantage of this ancient skin care and treatment option.

Chemical peels can improve your skin, exposing it to better attention from your skin care products

One of the most important reasons why you get skin care products is to notice and enjoy results. However, the lack of results may not totally be due to incompatibility of the skin care product with your skin or its ineffectiveness, it may simply be due to your skin. However, with chemical peels, dead and dull layers of the skin is removed thus exposing the glowing skin underneath to skin care product and delivering better results than expected.

They are low risks, you can choose custom treatments

Chemical peels are safe to use on every skin type and color thus making them one of the low risk yet effective skin care treatment procedures. Another advantage of this skin care treatment is that doctors have a variety of pre-mixed cocktails which customers can choose from to get the job done. Some of the common cocktails incliede the PCA Skin Sensei Peel containing trichloroacetic acid (TCA) ad lactic acid and aimed at revving up collagen synthesis deep down and drab the skin on top.

Acne can be cured with the right peel

Another major advantage of chemical peels is that, acne can be cured and the spots/scars softened with the right chemical peel. The Salicylic acid peels and the Jessner’s peels are known to dive deep into the skin to unclog pores and skim the surface of the skin thus eroding blackheads and fading post-pimple scars. 

While these are great advantages, requiring that you choose chemical peels, you can learn more about the skin care treatment at 



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