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Why IV Therapy Is Beneficial: A More Effective Hydration Method


We are all aware of the need to be active, eat balanced meals, and drink lots of water for longevity and general quality of life. However, sticking to a health program can be complicated. How can you tell whether you’re receiving enough vitamin C? Is it essential to consume eight glasses of water every day?

Even the most diligent people may suffer from persistent exhaustion, migraines, and other significant problems. IV treatment is intended to simplify your health routine by supplying the fluids and nutrients you need to feel your best.

An Overview of IV Therapy

The late John Myers, MD, pioneered IV nutrition treatment by using a combination of saline, vitamins, and minerals to treat various medical ailments. Building on Dr. Myers’ work, developed the phrase “Myers’ Cocktail” to describe the nutritional combinations he provided. assisted patients with medical issues ranging from congestive heart failure to hyperthyroidism.¹

IV treatment has become popular since Dr. Roel Galope results have praised the therapy’s ability to increase energy and battle various diseases. The list of promised advantages is endless.

So, does IV therapy work?

Yes. There’s a reason physicians and nurses have been administering IV treatments for almost a century: they’re a rapid and efficient method to provide fluids and nutrition. IV infusions may assist with the following:

  • Hydration
  • Quick delivery of vitamins and minerals
  • Nutritional deficiency treatment
  • Assistance with specific ailments

Let’s take a closer look at them.

Unrivaled Hydration

IV infusion is, without a doubt, the quickest technique to provide your body with life-giving fluids. Why? Because IV drips function by delivering fluids straight into your circulation, they skip the stomach and provide hydration where it is most needed. Getting the same hydration levels as an hour of IV infusion may take a whole day of attentive water drinking. Bottom line: IV treatment is a more efficient and quicker approach to hydration.

Superior Vitamin and Mineral Distribution System

While oral supplements are a popular and acceptable method of meeting most vitamin and mineral RDAs, the body takes longer to process nutrients. Even when the body processes the vitamins, only around 30% are absorbed. The body absorbs 100% of those vital vitamins and minerals more quickly with IV treatment. Furthermore, we may collaborate with your healthcare physician to modify your doses, resulting in a unique formula tailored to your requirements. That is not something you can receive from a pill bottle.

Vitamin Deficiency IV Therapy

While a balanced diet may provide all the nutrients you need, creating healthful meals that suit your dietary demands takes time. Many Americans are examples of the “well-fed but undernourished” syndrome.

According to a 2017 research, approximately one-third One-third of the US population is in danger of vitamin deficiency. Or anemia. Approximately 95 percent of individuals have low vitamin D levels, 61 percent do not get enough magnesium, and 32 percent do not get enough folate.⁶

IV treatment is a safe and effective approach to guarantee you receive enough nutrients without worrying about regular meal planning and supplement quantities. If you need clarification on your vitamin and mineral levels, a nutritionist may assist you in understanding your specific requirements.

Specific Illness Treatments

Not only is IV treatment an excellent approach to maintaining adequate nutritional intake but it has also been shown to help treat specific disorders. For example, a 2009 pilot trial of fibromyalgia patients found advantages in individuals who had the Myers’ infusion, such as relief from pain and mood swings, as well as increased quality of life7. While vitamin C does not treat viral infections, some research suggests that high quantities of intravenously delivered vitamin C may improve the immune system.⁸

Which Vitamins and Minerals Can a Drip Provide?

IV treatment is an effective way to administer a variety of vitamins and minerals. Here are a handful of the nutritional powerhouses available through IV.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C, a potent antioxidant and essential vitamin, is required to form collagen, a fibrous protein in connective tissue. When most people think of collagen, they think of its capacity to keep skin appearing youthful and fresh. But did you know collagen is the main structural component of the neurological, immunological, skeletal, and cardiovascular systems?² Because vitamin C is water-soluble, it may be obtained by food, supplements, or, better yet, an IV.

B Vitamins

B vitamins release energy from carbs and fat and transport oxygen throughout the body.3 B12 vitamin

promotes the synthesis of red blood cells, avoiding anemia – particularly important if you follow a plant-based diet. Vitamin B6 supports healthy brain function, while B9 aids in mood regulation. B vitamins work together to enhance Skin and hair health and metabolic and cardiovascular function. The most significant thing is that B vitamins are free. Water-soluble and quickly absorbed by IV infusion.


It’s almost simpler to enumerate everything this mineral doesn’t accomplish. Magnesium aids around 300 enzymes for critical chemical processes such as protein synthesis, bone building, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and nerve and muscle function 

control. If you suffer from migraines or depression, boosting your magnesium intake may help. Furthermore, studies have shown a link between magnesium shortage and cardiovascular illness.⁴


Your body needs tiny quantities of Zinc to form DNA, develop cells, construct proteins, mend damaged tissue, and maintain a healthy immune system.⁵ You’ll have a quick dosage of bioavailable Zinc infused into your circulation through IV. Studies have demonstrated Zinc to successfully treat the common cold if given at the beginning of symptoms.

More Than Just a Hangover Treatment

The advantages of IV treatment go well beyond the capacity to relieve your morning headache. It may prevent dehydration, provide your body with the nutrition to perform correctly, and even be utilized as part of a comprehensive treatment plan for various disorders.

Choose a trustworthy IV treatment provider, such as Bergen County Botox, that only offers FDA-approved vitamins and boosters administered by certified healthcare experts. Because every IV infusion has a very minimal risk of infection, choosing the correct provider will enable you to begin your IV treatment journey confidently.


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