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Why Winter is the Ideal Time for Laser Hair Removal


Getting a laser hair removal treatment might be the last thing on your mind while you’re still wearing winter clothes. After all, showing bare skin is not a priority during the cold. 

But the truth is, winter is the ideal time to say goodbye to unwanted facial or body hair!

If you’ve been tweezing, shaving, waxing, or using commercial cream hair removal methods to get rid of hair and you’re tired, starting a laser hair removal process now, during the late fall or winter, is the best thing you can do. 

Here’s why. 

Less sun exposure

Professional laser hair removal is a very powerful and effective method that can’t be performed on sunburned or tanned skin. It isn’t even recommended for skin that’s only slightly tanned or sun-kissed.

When the treatment is done on skin that’s darker than its natural shade, it could potentially increase your burn risk with certain types of lasers, which can wind up damaging your skin. Laser hair removal works on all skin complexions but it typically works best when the difference between your skin and hair color is easily distinguishable.

You can avoid this risk by scheduling your laser hair removal treatments during the least sunny months.

Sun exposure should also be avoided following laser hair removal, as the laser can make your skin more sensitive to the sun, causing the treated area to be more sensitive and susceptible to UV damage. Ideally, you should avoid exposing those areas to the sun for at least 2 or more weeks before and after each session for optimum effectiveness and safety.

Take advantage of the cold winter days in which you’ll be indoors mostly and dressed in long clothes that will cover the treated areas. That way, you won’t have to miss out on the fun in the sun or wearing summer clothes and bathing suits during the summer months. 

You’ll feel more comfortable on your skin

We all want to look and feel our best, even on the cold winter days. Shaving in cold weather can be an awful experience that makes your skin dry and as a result, something you want to avoid. By doing a laser hair removal treatment you’ll get rid of this chore, and have smooth skin.

Another benefit of doing your laser hair removal treatment during winter is that it’s much easier to be prepared for it. 

For the laser to be effective, the root of the hair must remain in the follicle. This means that you shouldn’t wax or use depilatory cream before the appointment, which is more practical to achieve in winter. 

You’d be able to enjoy the results just in time

It can take a few sessions before the Laser hair removal process is completed.

 The lasers used in laser hair removal work by targeting hair in all growth phases, that’s why several sessions are necessary to eliminate all the hair in the treatment area. Plan for at least 4-6 sessions over 6 months before the entire area is essentially hair-free.

For this reason alone, if you want to get the best out of the hot summer weather, leaving your laser hair removal for the last minute it’s not the best idea. To obtain the desired results, you should begin the process long before you expect to wear summer clothes that will expose the areas of your body where the hair has been removed.

Yes, laser hair removal can be done successfully at any time, but there are just too many reasons to don’t wait any longer and do it in the winter. 

Therefore, if you never want to worry about unwanted hair again the state of the art Quanta Evo Light Series provides safe, fast, and highly effective treatments for hair removal. Results from the Evo Light Series laser treatments significantly longer-lasting results than the other hair removal methods.


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