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2021 Skincare Trends To Look Forward To


The year 2020 has taken it’s toll on us! But it’s time to welcome in the new. 

We all want to look better and the health and beauty industry is our nubmer one supporter! They are constantly developing innovative beauty products, new skin care brands and treatments to make people feel and look better. It is their job after all!

The pandemic has caused issues for nearly everyone! One of the good things we’ve learned though in the middle of all this challenge is the power of self-care! Skincare has become our go-to for managing stress and anxiety. It’s become part of our most basic self-care routine. 

In a consumer report conducted by NPD Group in September, 22 percent of respondents said the pandemic had directly changed their skin-care habits! And most often, they reported these habits changed for the better. One-third of them said those habits included “expand[ing] their [skin-care] routine to include more products.”

Here are 6 of the new trends that promise to make our lives and our skin so much better in 2021. 

Hygiene products

Hand soap and sanitizer have been around forever. But now, the constant use has led beauty brands to develop more luxurious and upgraded products focused not only on cleansing thoroughly but also on hydrating your skin. 

Maskne Treatments

Many people that never had ‘skin problems’ before are now experiencing breakouts and skin irritation from daily mask-wearing. Having such a big part of your face covered for long periods of time, will most certainly take it’s toll. Soothing face sprays and topical face masks can be the solution to this issue. You can also try exfoliating with acids such as glycolic or lactic acid, which exfoliate the surface of the skin and make it appear brighter. Another go to is beta hydroxy acids which exfoliate deep inside the pore to prevent spots. BHAs are also a great way to remove dead skin cells so that your specialized serums and moisturizers actually work in your skin. 

Microbiome-Focused Skin Care

We all know about the latest health care trends in probiotics. Now, the beatuty industry is catching on too! Including probiotics on products to support skincare is a major trend that’s gaining popularity. Many brands are now offering microbiome-friendly skincare. It’s very likely we’ll see more “pre-” and “post-” biotics in 2021.

Blue-Light Protection 

The damaging effects of blue light on the skin are no secret. Companies are implementing more innovative ingredients such as rosa rubiginosa, licochalcone A, turmeric, and algae to help fight back against these effects. 

Multi-Use Products

As life gets more busy and complicated, in 2021 we’ll see more multi-use products such as moisturizers that also work as aftershave cream, facial cleansers that remove makeup, makeup sticks that you can use for your eyes, cheeks, and lips and more!

Cosmetic procedures

Achieving the perfect Zoom face has become a priority. Who knew how often we’d be on screen? Facial contouring, neck lifts, Botox, hair removal and laser treatments are in high demand. People are choosing small adjustments and minor tweaks that are minimally invasive, like liquid facelifts, and chemical peels to obtain more natural results as opposed to undergoing a huge facelift or reconstructive surgery. 

2020 has been rough to say the least. But let’s not forget all the good that can come out of it too. Don’t allow the circumstances to make you neglect yourself. Take care of yourself, including watching your skin care habits. Let’s kick of 2021 by focusing on your physical and mental health so you can be your best self yet. 

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