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Summer Bodies Are Made in Winter


Everything you need to know about body contouring.  

During sweater weather, fat pockets and bulges can be easily hidden in thick layers of clothing. This can oftentimes lead to straying from our healthy habits, overindulging with food and drinking, and as a result, not being ready for summer clothing and swimsuits. 

But the good news is that this doesn’t have to be the case, you can give attention to your body now, during the winter season, and get your body springtime ready, having a contouring treatment.

What is body contouring?

According to Healthline “Non Surgical body contouring is also known as nonsurgical fat reduction. There are a variety of non-surgical fat reduction procedures. These procedures reduce or remove stubborn pockets of fat to contour and shape different areas of the body. Typically, you can resume daily activities immediately after the treatment.”

The truth is that no matter how hard you work out or how closely you follow your diet plan, some areas of fat just won’t budge. Dr. Roel Galope at Lasting Impression Medical Aesthetics in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, may have a solution. Emsculpt® and BTL Vanquish Me™ are focal fat loss tools that build muscle or target unwanted fat and tighten your skin.

These types of treatments are perfect for busy men and women that want to feel great about themselves and be more confident in their body appearance with minimal disruption to their busy lives.

Here are our recommended non-surgical and non-invasive treatments with no recovery time required. 

EmSculpt treatments

Is the first FDA-approved treatment to build muscle and burn fat. It uses high-intensity electromagnetic energy to build more fat-burning muscle. It’s widely used to tighten muscles in the stomach and buttocks. 

One EmSculpt treatment session usually takes 30 minutes, and up to 4 treatments may be needed at two to three-day intervals to get the best results. Patients may return to work or other activities immediately after sessions, and results are similar to giving your skin a workout without lifting weights. 

BTL Vanquish Me™ treatments 

Uses Radiofrequency technology to help shrink and decrease fat cells. It helps shed inches from the abdomen and inner and outer thighs. The best thing is that it can benefit anyone at any weight, and it’s relaxing and painless. 

Treatments are 30-45-minutes long, and 4 weekly treatments may be needed to achieve the best fat reduction results. A noticeable change in body shape can happen in 2-3 weeks or in several months depending on the individual.

Start seeing results now, during winter, without surgery, scars, or downtime. And get ready for the sunny days to come!

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