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5 Surprising Medical Uses of Botox


The scientific name for Botox is Botulinum toxin type A. The drug is well known for its ability to treat aging signs. Botox is extracted from Clostridium botulinum which is a hazardous toxin. Medical experts are using the bacterium to manufacture Botox.

Botox is injected into the body to block the nerve ending from absorbing various molecules required for efficient functioning. The following are  five surprising medical uses of Botox

1. Treatment of Chronic Migraines

Migraine occurs when a person is experiencing a severe headache accompanied by vomiting or nausea. Serotonin changes in the brain cause migraines. The treatment of migraines using anti-sickness medications and painkillers may not work for everybody.

Reports show that almost a quarter of American households has an individual suffering from migraines. Migraines can be so devastating that the individual may not show up for work.

Research has shown that the drug reduces the occurrence of migraines. FDA approved the use of Botox for the treatment of chronic migraines in 2010.

2. Excessive Sweating

Strenuous physical activities cause body sweating. Excessive sweating occurs at the palms, groin, face, armpits, and chest.

According to research, the treatment of excessive sweating using Botox is safe and effective. When injected into the underarms, the drug offers temporary relief. The injections should be accompanied by regular therapies.

The drug reduces sweating by 82-87%. FDA approved Botox for use in the treatment of sweating in 2004.

3. Overactive Bladder

Reports show that over 30 million U.S citizens suffer from an overactive bladder annually. For every ten men, three suffer, and four suffer from the disease for every ten women.  Most people end up wetting themselves as they cannot get to the bathroom quickly enough.

Studies show that the paralytic property of Botox help with the overactive bladder. Over 90% of patients experience improvements when they use the medicine.

The drug works by relaxing the bladder and raising the storage size. FDA approved the drug use for the treatment of an overactive bladder in 2013.

4. Crossed Eyes and Eyelid Spasms

About 4% of American citizens suffer from strabismus. The original medical use for Botox was to treat people with the crossed eye condition. The drug blocks the nerves and paralyzes the overactive eye muscles for some time.

The FDA approved the use of Botox for the treatment of eye conditions in 1989.

5. Treatment of Acne

Over 45 million Americans suffer from acne annually. Acne is common in adults and adolescents. The combination of high chemical peels and a Botox injection dramatically improves acne treatment.

A study done in America on 20 patients shows that the results improved by 85% when Botox was used for treatment. 

You should consider the use of Botox in the treatment of any of the above cases. Botox can be used for medicinal and can beauty purposes.


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