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Medical-Grade Skincare: Your Solution to Reducing Sun Damage!


Let’s be totally honest. No one on the planet can avoid sun damage completely because when you’re outdoors doing all kinds of activities like walking, gardening, having a picnic, etc., the powerful UV rays are always there. You can even get sun damage on skin via windy, cool or cloudy days, but the great news is you can do something about it. Medical-grade skincare formulas have the ability to address these issues and significantly improve your skin.

Concentrated, Active Ingredients

If you look around your favorite drugstore or beauty shop, you will notice a large variety of over-the-counter skincare brands that offer help for common problems like wrinkles, acne, hyperpigmentation and many more. While many of these products perform decently, they don’t have quite the strong punch as medical-grade skin care options.

What makes medical-grade formulas superior are their concentrated, active ingredients. In addition, these topical creams, serums, lotions and others are able to penetrate deeper into the epidermis to repair sun damage on skin. Your favorite over-the-counter skincare products, on the other hand, are regulated by the FDA. That means that these formulas cannot penetrate beyond the top layer skin layer or state that they can “treat” a certain skin condition.

Dermatologist-Recommended Formulas

Medical-grade skin care products are most often found through a dermatology office or a medi-spa. These skin care experts know a lot about the science of skin and how certain ingredients react upon an individual’s unique complexion. They also understand the power of these medical-grade formulas and which types to recommend to their patients. Experts believe in medical-grade because these skincare items are backed by clinical and research studies and deliver real results.

Some people purchase their medical-grade products online, but not all dermatologists advise doing this since many of these formulas feature highly concentrated ingredients that can irritate the complexion, cause more problems or a skin reaction or even damage the skin if you are not familiar with them.

For example, applying a strong chemical peel to the face to address wrinkles and pigmentation issues can be risky. Certain products require supervision, and that’s where professionals come in.

Consistent Application Routine

Medical-grade skincare formulas are exceptional products in battling damage from the sun because these topicals have been developed in the purest forms available, at the proper strengths and in the right combinations. However, these formulas do not produce results overnight.

Retinoids or vitamin A derivatives like prescription Retin-A and prescription-strength retinol have been designed to stimulate collagen production, repair sun damage and soften wrinkles, but these products must be used consistently for several months before seeing improvement.

Hydroquinone is a strong ingredient used to treat hyperpigmentation, but it’s only as powerful as its concentration. Medical-grade hydroquinone will give you better results at a faster rate, but again, it’s supposed to be applied sparingly and properly.

Most of us desire a clear, radiant complexion that appears ageless, and medical-grade skincare is an excellent method of repairing sun damage on skin.


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