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All About NeoGen Plasma


Skin Tightening, Regenerating, and Resurfacing 

Why does NeoGen Differentiate Itself from Other Devices? 

NeoGen is an innovative skin resurfacing procedure that excels at hand, neck, chest, and face rejuvenation. NeoGen uses nitrogen plasma technology to give a special deep tissue remodeling that promotes quick recovery. The gadget does not cause an open wound like most aggressive ablative CO2 treatments and delivers controlled heat to the skin’s surface without evoking a substantial reaction. NeoGen Plasma has substantially less downtime. Even after just one treatment, patients can observe results. The dermis of the skin is heated once the plasma has been converted to energy by the device. The treatment precisely damages the skin in a controlled way, which prompts your body to start a natural healing process. New collagen is produced beneath the skin’s surface after the device has been used to treat the skin’s surface. The skin will shed its outer layers with a range of energies. The radiation penetrates deeply into the dermis tissue, forming a layer of protection over the area that has been treated. Skin regeneration and the healing process commence right away. Within three to five days of the treatment, peeling begins. As the fresh upper skin layers appear, the old epidermis gradually sheds on its own. The new skin has a fresh appearance and feels after peeling, as well as improved tone, texture, and general tightness.  

Common NeoGen Plasma Therapies 

-Has effects similar to blepharoplasty surgery, including tightening and improving the upper eye area, including the eyelids. The system is capable of reaching the lash line. Patients see a lift around the eyes in addition to improved skin texture.  

Improves the skin around the eyes, particularly the bags and dark circles. Both fine lines and wrinkles as well as sagging skin are improved. 

-Increased collagen production results in overall skin tightening and laxity improvement. 

-Treats scars from acne and other wounds on the body or face. 

-Dramatically reduces deep wrinkles as well as fine lines. 

-Treats age spots, UV damage, and skin discoloration. 

-Tonifies and tightens the midface, from the corners of the nose to the mouth, as well as the jawline and jowl. 

-Industry pioneer in non-surgical treatment of the orbital eye region. 

NeoGen Plasma: Advantages and Drawbacks 

The Pros 

-Select your level of care. With a higher power setting of 3.0 or higher, patients can select a single-session treatment. The downtime for the higher power setting (PSR), which only needs one treatment, is around 10 days.  

-Choose three lighter treatments in a row with a power setting of at least 1.8 (PSR). The three treatments will still produce the desired outcomes but with considerably less downtime, redness, and peeling. Patients typically receive 3 treatments spaced 4–6 weeks apart.  

-Skin tone and texture are improved after just one treatment, with obvious effects. Within the treated region, fine wrinkles and uneven skin tone are reduced. 

-After one high-power (PSR) treatment or a series of three, the effects are long-lasting. Some individuals will need a second treatment in about a year, depending on their age and the state of their skin. For years, other patients might observe observable results.  

-Results are comparable to CO2 Fractional Laser without the skin damage and protracted healing time. While the new skin is surfacing, NeoGen can shield the skin’s outer layers. From the inside out, the skin recovers.  

-The treatment is safe for skin types 1-4 because of the lower energy settings.  

-Better upper eyelids. Studies indicate that without the recovery time associated with surgical blepharoplasty, the average contraction of the eyelid skin is about 22%.  

The Cons 

The majority of patients will require multiple treatments to achieve their desired results. 

-High-energy treatments may result in considerable redness and intense peeling for up to a week and a half of downtime. 

-High-energy treatments can be uncomfortable, even after a topical anesthetic has been given. Prior to peeling, the skin can feel sensitive and painful for a few days. Before the skin peels, it could be red. 

-Fair to medium skin tones are better suited for the higher-level (PSR) treatments. 

-In order to achieve the best results from any skin rejuvenation procedure, you must practice excellent skin care at home and shield the treated area from the sun. 

What to anticipate throughout your treatment? 

A topical numbing lotion will be given to the treatment area(s) prior to beginning your procedure. You might feel some discomfort throughout the therapy with a higher PSR setting, depending on your level of intensity. The majority of individuals who undergo mild treatments experience some discomfort. A 45-minute full-face treatment is possible. About an hour for the face and neck. It takes roughly 30 minutes to treat small areas like the upper and lower eyelids. All treatments will conclude with a day or more of minimal discomfort. It’s crucial to stay hydrated before and after your treatment, especially if you have any kind of medical condition. Before you leave the office, your skin receives a moisturizing mask. In order to keep in as much moisture as possible, patients are sent home with post-operative instructions and a skin barrier.  

What about my rest and recovery time? 

Depending on the type of therapy you want, recovery and downtime will differ. There may be some redness, swelling, and peeling. Fewer downtime results with low-intensity treatments. With peeling, there will typically be a tiny amount of redness and a slight sunburn-like sensation for one to three days. In around 5 days, you can usually return to wearing cosmetics. The skin could feel dry and itch. Your skin will stay highly moist thanks to the post-procedure instructions. Skin naturally dries out and sheds over time. Once the skin has completely peeled off, you can resume your regular skincare routine with a light moisturizer and sunscreen. 

When Will I See a Change in My Skin? 

Within a few days, many patients see skin tightening and toning. Your skin will get fuller as your healing process progresses as your collagen and elastin naturally regenerate. Once the peeling is finished, your skin’s outer layer will begin to improve within 10 days of your therapy. Your new skin will start to show during the next four weeks and will be radiant. Please keep in mind that this skin is sensitive and that you MUST ALWAYS protect it from the sun. It is crucial to stay out of the sun for several months. You must use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 and wear a helmet when spending time in the sun, including when driving. 

Please call us for a free consultation if you’re interested in this great technique so we can create a package that best meets your requirements and long-term objectives. 


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