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RF Microneedling & Skin Tightening – Eliminate Turkey Neck & More


The holiday season is quickly approaching in Bergen County, NJ, and throughout the rest of the world. There is shopping to be done, planning for trips, and organizing meals for friends and family. Beyond the normal scheduling issues and purchasing worry, the holidays can cause for some of us. People enjoy taking photos when they get together to celebrate.

This Christmas season, looking your best might give you the self-assurance you need to throw the best holiday party you’ve ever hosted. How much time do you have left to cope with a turkey neck, though, with Thanksgiving just around the corner? Thankfully, you have choices at Lasting Impression.

Skin Tightening with RF Microneedling for the Face and Neck

The term “RF (radio frequency) microneedling” is gradually gaining popularity. Although the process may seem unusual or even terrifying, its techniques and outcomes are not at all frightening. Learn how you can handle the holiday festivities with just a few RF microneedling visits by reading on.

How Do RF Microneedles Operate?

Upwards of 30% of your body’s total protein is made up of collagen. This essential structural protein serves a variety of functions, particularly for your skin. RF microneedling, a type of collagen induction therapy, employs two strategies to increase collagen and elastin, another important compound in the fight against loose skin.

First approach: microneedles

In the targeted location, the microneedles themselves first make incredibly thin channels. Even if the “damage” is practically minuscule, your skin can detect it. Your skin reacts by overflowing the “damaged” region with collagen and elastin. However, in the absence of actual damage to repair, these proteins start to tighten skin, treat both existing and new scars (particularly those caused by acne), and improve the texture and health of the skin as a whole.

Second approach: Radiofrequency Energy

Radiofrequency radiation is then injected into the skin’s deeper layers following the formation of microchannels. Without the incredibly tiny holes that the microneedles create, this energy wouldn’t be able to pierce as deeply. The lower skin layers receive RF radiation as heat, which causes them to react by encouraging the production of even more collagen and elastin. This doubles the effects for smoother, bouncy, and more radiant skin.

So what applications are there for RF microneedling? What other minimally invasive or non-invasive techniques support it?

Face Microneedling Using RF

Most patients only require one to three microneedling sessions to get smoother, tighter, and younger-looking skin. Collagen helps skin retain moisture by firming it up and supporting it from underneath. It also results in more clearly defined face contours and fewer textural irregularities. This implies there will be fewer obvious fine lines and wrinkles. Simply focusing the skin’s healing processes on a particular location can provide noticeable changes in only a few days that can last up to a full year.

Neck-specific RF Microneedling

Turkeys are the main course at this time of year. But when we keep our likeness to turkeys to a minimum, we may enjoy them more. Our ability to produce collagen and elastin declines with age. As a result, skin that is already slack becomes increasingly looser or even gathers like a curtain beneath our chins or down our necks, resembling the turkey wattle.

With the same RF microneedling technique, Lasting Impression uses a localized abundance of tightening chemicals to pull the skin back while also inducing a lipolysis effect (the destruction of fat cells). Collagen, on the other hand, evens out that skin and retains it near the throat and jawline for an overall much younger appearance.

Services for RF Microneedling & Laser

Nature has created your skin so that it may react to and be inspired by light. Light of different wavelengths has various effects. Laser light may remove fine lines and wrinkles, hair, tattoos, and even imperfections at specific wavelengths. As a result, RF microneedling is a great complement to laser skin tightening and resurfacing.

Collagen contracts as a result of fractional laser skin tightening procedures, intensifying the “tightening” effect. In other words, you can accomplish more tightening if there is more collagen in the targeted location. 

A CO2 fractional laser skin tightening procedure can produce results that last for years and years—almost permanently—when paired with RF microneedling. For the foreseeable future, it means no more jowls, a significantly decreased turkey neck, fewer fine wrinkles, and a quicker healing process—all in time for holiday selfie sessions with dear friends and family.

With Lasting Impression in Bergen County, NJ, get ready for the holidays!

Confidence is particularly important during the nicest and most tranquil seasons of the year. Finding the correct level of confidence can be challenging even without the holiday season’s commotion, stress, and traffic. Choose RF microneedling and laser skin resurfacing at Lasting Impression as a treat for yourself this year. 

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