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Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy


Hormone replacement therapy is the best kept secret in anti-aging medical technology. Aging successfully means entering one’s late year without becoming frail and dependent on others. Hormonal changes in aging contribute to the decline in health and vitality with aging. In women, estrogen levels decline sharply after menopause. As a result, the average woman is deficient in estrogen for decades after menopause. As life expectancy increases worldwide, anti-aging treatments are crucial to preserving the independence and well-being of an aging population.

Aging leads to a decrease in hormone production from the pituitary glands, the adrenal glands, and the gonads, or ovaries and testicles. Hormone replacement therapy can prevent the effects of aging, which include aging skin, decline in bone mineral density, lean body mass, and sexual desire. Erectile dysfunction and declines in intellectual capacity have also been linked to decreases in sex hormone levels as the gonads decrease production of estrogen and testosterone. DHEA, or denydroepiandrosterone produced in the adrenals, also declines with age. Estrogen is a hormone that can be replaced in women to prevent or even reverse vaginal atrophy and increase sexual satisfaction. Testosterone is in higher levels in men, but is also present in lower levels in women. Replacement of testosterone can prevent erectile dysfunction in men, and decline in muscle mass and strength in both men and women.

Bioidentical products contain estrogen and testosterone that has an identical biological structure to that produced naturally within the body. Biote is a new medical breakthrough technology that delivers bioidentical hormones to the body using pellets. The pellets release a steady stream of hormones through the skin subcutaneously. These hormones are then dissolved and delivered throughout vital organs in the body. Biote is a safe and effective way to deliver replacement estrogens and testosterones to target anti-aging.


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