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Botox or Fillers: What’s the Difference?


When it comes to fine lines and wrinkles, the two words “Botox” and “fillers” are often heard. It’s easy to think of the similarities, such as cost, duration and side effects, but also think of the differences if you want to choose between the two procedures.

What Is Botox?

It is a naturally occurring neurotoxic protein that causes slight paralysis of nerves and muscles. The toxin is injected into the parts of the faces where wrinkles form easily, such as the forehead, the corners of the mouth and the corners of the eyes. In addition to skincare, it is used to treat a wide range of conditions like overactive bladder, muscles spasms and excessive sweating.

What Are Fillers?

A filler mainly consists of hyaluronic acid, another naturally occurring substance in the body. Other types of ingredients are sugar molecules or skin collagens  that are derived from humans or animals or may be created in medical labs.

A filler is also injected into the skin to prevent wrinkles and create smoother skin. While a toxic protein causes partial paralysis, a filler has additional benefits that include adding shape and volume to the face. They are more effective at enhancing the facial features and used mostly cosmetic treatments while Botox is both a cosmetic and medical treatment.

The Main Differences

The main differences between the two treatments are the long-term effects. A filler fills hollow spaces in the skin and add volume to thin lips while the botulinum toxin paralyzes the muscles that control movement. The second main difference is the type of ingredient used. Most ingredients are safe and all natural, yet derived from different locations in the body. There are more than 100 different types of injectable fillers but only seven types of botulinum toxin that exist today.

The side effects of both procedure are minor, but the use of toxins tends to have more serious effects if used improperly. The toxin could spread accidentally to other muscles and cause paralysis, which may lead to temporary loss of function. But toxic proteins and hyaluronic acids are considered to be safe for general use.

Filling the skin is good at removing wrinkles and plumping out the face. Injecting botulinum toxin is good at removing wrinkles and reducing muscular movements. Both treatments are recommended to make the skin smoother and more youthful, but one may be more effective than the other when you want certain results. 


Benefits of Facial Therapy

If you are battling with dull, tired-looking skin, the revitalizing power of facial therapy might just be the rejuvenation secret you’ve been


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