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Dry Skin: Should you drink more water?

Dry Skin: Should you drink more water?


Do you consider your skin to be dry? A lot of individuals don’t believe they do.

Water is essential for numerous bodily processes and cellular activity, but it typically does not penetrate past the skin’s fat layers. Additionally, extra water is excreted by the feces, sweat glands, and kidneys.

A lack of fatty acids in one’s diet can cause an Omega 3 deficiency, which can lead to dry skin.

Another well-known factor for dry skin is hormonal fluctuations. The proper balance of oils in the epidermis is encouraged by estrogens. They are in charge of producing collagen and elastin. The skin becomes less elastic when estrogen levels fall, and the weakened collagen fibers accelerate the development of wrinkles. 30% less collagen is present five years into menopause.

Dry, damaged skin may also be caused by a compromised skin barrier.

Epidermis, dermis, and fat layers make up the skin. The stratum corneum serves as a barrier for the top layer of skin. This is made up of “dead” skin cells that are kept in place by an adhesive substance to prevent premature shedding. It’s essential to have a good level of stratum corneum if you want to prevent the epidermis from losing too much moisture. Check this out >>>

This fragile barrier can be harmed by excessive exfoliation performed at home with electric brushes or by employing harsh peels against the advice of a skin specialist.

Dryness, skin irritation, redness, and early aging are all consequences of a compromised skin barrier.

So how may dry skin be improved?

  • Our overall health and our skin can benefit from a good, balanced diet.
  • Skin-beneficial collagen and elastin can be fed to the skin by a hormonally balanced level.
  • Your skin’s outer layer will be protected by a medically supervised at-home skin care regimen, and you’ll avoid wasting money on needless and pricey “wonder creams.” 



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