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Sun Spots or Melasma?

Sun Spots or Melasma?


A melanoma or dark spots? Can you distinguish between them?

You should be aware of the differences because various treatments exist to get rid of them.

Melasma resembles a black band running down the face. Face parts like the forehead, cheeks, and upper lip are frequently impacted.

Melasma is a hormonal condition that frequently affects some women who are close to giving birth. The effects of the sun and minor skin injuries like waxing might exacerbate melasma.

On the other hand, dark pigments resemble dark blotches. They can range in size from a little dot to a quarter. Their hue might range from light brown to a darker shade.

Although they can form anywhere on the body, dark pigments are more frequent in places that are exposed to sunlight, such as the face, neck, chest, and back of the hands.

It can be challenging to get rid of melasma. Avoid using lasers or receiving treatments that need a lot of heat as these can make the issue worse.

Chemical peels work well to treat melasma, particularly the newer peels that combine several different chemicals, including lactic, TCA, glycolic, and hydroquinone. These peels are incredibly powerful yet kind on the skin. The number of peels required will vary depending on the skin type and ethnicity. The color and texture of the skin can be significantly improved by a series of three peels carried out six weeks apart.

Avoiding the sun is crucial!

Dark pigmentations are resistant to heat. Thus, laser light is the best form of therapy. In my practice, IPL produces fantastic outcomes. Great blog post >>>

Chemical peels are also an option, and sometimes I prefer combining both types of treatments. Typically, I start with a chemical peel and then use several IPL treatments.

The skin will be protected from new pigmentations and the old ones will be kept under control if you use a physical sunblock with at least SPF30. I suggest these skin care products if you already have sun damage and want them to complement your medical treatments.

The power of knowledge. Your skin will be younger and healthier the more you know.


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