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Men’s Hair Loss Treatments Recommended by Doctors


This isn’t meant to frighten you, but you’ll probably lose your hair if you’re reading this. You may have already noticed this, but it’s undoubtedly typical. There are a lot of folks out there who have experienced this. Almost two-thirds of 35-year-old males have seen hair loss, which rises to 85% by 50, so you’re not the only one experiencing this.

It’s up to each individual to decide how best to deal with hair loss. It’s pretty acceptable to choose to shave your head at this time. Stopping or slowing hair loss can be accomplished with no embarrassment. As a follow-up, which product are you going to try?

People in the area of hair loss treatments have a lot of snake oil salesmen selling products that don’t work for your money. So, we reached out to dermatologists Natalie Kash, MD, Barry Goldman, MD, and Dhaval Bhanusali, MD, all of whom are board-certified dermatologists, to find out which products they recommend.

Why Do We Lose Our Hair?

To begin treating hair loss, you must first identify the underlying cause. 

Male pattern baldness is caused primarily by heredity and hormones, according to Natalie Kash, MD (alopecia). As DHT shortens the hair’s life cycle, it contributes to male pattern baldness by causing it to shed and fall out more frequently. Inflammation and oxidative stress may play a role in the development of MPHL. According to Dr. Kash, “Particular regions of the scalp,” such as the hairline, crown, and top of the head, are commonly affected by MPHL; hair loss tends to be less evident near the ears and on the lower part of the scalp.

But other types of hair loss complicate things. There are many reasons why hair loss occurs, including stress, surgery, a lack of vitamin D, or a thyroid disorder. Alopecia areata, according to dermatologist Barry Goldman, MD, is the result of an immune system attack on the hair follicles. It causes circular patches of hair loss on the scalp and on the board, which can be challenging to treat. The most effective option is getting an expert’s help if you don’t know what’s causing your hair loss.

Choosing a Hair Loss Treatment: Some Pointers

Check Out the Components

If you want to stretch your bets, try a tried-and-true product like minoxidil. If you don’t have a prescription, Dr. Kash advises products containing 5% minoxidil. She adds that if all the products contain 5% minoxidil, there isn’t much variation in their effectiveness. The FDA has also approved the medication finasteride. Because it is typically used orally, it is less likely to be found in cosmetics or other skin-care products. However, supplements containing collagen and antioxidants can’t compensate for these two essentials’ lack.

Think of Your Hair Texture

“We haven’t noticed any difference in how effectively it works for persons with fine or coarse hair,” says Dr. Goldman. “More research is needed,” though, as the saying goes. All hair types benefit from minoxidil. However, how you use it may vary. When applying hair care products, Dr. Kash advises that they should only be applied to the scalp and hair shaft. When it comes to fine hair, she recommends applying the cream at night, letting it dry, and then brushing it in the morning. It can make fine hair look oily and thick if used in the morning. Because medications like minoxidil can dry out hair with texture, apply the product evenly and massage it into your scalp.

Hair Loss Treatment Recommendations

Listed below are some of the most popular hair regeneration products:

Rogaine Minoxidil Foam, 5%

Male Pattern Hair Loss is best treated with 5 percent minoxidil, according to all of our experts. In clinical experiments, it has been proven to halt hair loss and promote Regrowth. Minoxidil-based Rogaine is still the most common treatment option, especially since it can be purchased at most drugstores. It’s easier to handle and less likely that the foam would get up on your face, suggests Dr. Kash, so pick it up instead (if it does, wash it off quickly to avoid weird hair patches). In the solution, propylene glycol is present, but it is absent in the foam because certain people are sensitive to propylene glycol.

Hims Pill Finasteride

One of the most common treatments for hair loss is finasteride and minoxidil. Dr. Goldman believes finasteride can be “more successful” than minoxidil in treating hair loss. Numerous studies have also been conducted, including those that counted hairs and those showing a two-year increase in hair count. Because of the potential for side effects such as bloating, chills, and decreased sex drive, it must only be used under the supervision of a physician. Finasteride can be ordered online through the “Hims” brand and shipped directly to your home.

Keeps, Minoxidil & Finasteride Combination

If you wish to utilize minoxidil and finasteride simultaneously, “Keeps” contains all you need. You can purchase these products as a bundle, and you can also purchase other goods, such as shampoos that make your hair stronger or eradicate dandruff. They only sell pharmaceuticals that the Food and Drug Administration has approved. To acquire finasteride, you must speak to your doctor first, as it is only accessible with a prescription from a doctor. Your state’s laws may prevent you from receiving a medical consultation, so that’s the sole drawback. Minoxidil would only be available if that’s the case. Everything is simple to use and even more so in purchasing.

MDHair, Hair Regrowth Kits

Think about how your current lifestyle impacts your hair. MDHair will build together a treatment kit for you based on your responses and dermatologist-approved products. Compared to other organizations, they take a more comprehensive approach, including factors like your genetics and personal history that could contribute to your hair loss. In addition to the traditional minoxidil serum, hair growth is aided with medicated shampoos and supplements containing natural components. They must be used simultaneously to treat more hair loss causes than one product.

Viviscal, Hair Growth Supplement

Viviscal’s hair-friendly ingredients, such as vitamin C, zinc, and flaxseed, are abundant, helping to keep the hair’s cycle healthy. 

Take a pill twice daily, morning and night, to help grow. Bhanusali says that supplements like these “may be a good supporting player,” but they operate best when used with other treatments.

iRestore, Laser Hair Removal

Helmets are more convenient for Dr. Kash than combs, which can be cumbersome. Turn it on with your head on it. Red LED lights within the hat are a great way to go for those who want to promote hair growth and reduce irritation. For the outstanding value and high quality, Dr. Kash suggests this FDA-approved cap (compared to other similar models). Her only bit of advice is to use it every day to get the most out of it.

Is the Cost of the Treatments Justifiable?

Minoxidil and finasteride are FDA-approved chemicals that experts recommend. Through years of research, these compounds have been demonstrated to help reduce MPHL. The FDA has approved only these two substances to treat hair loss. But that doesn’t rule out the use of other therapies such as natural remedies or devices.

As a result, they are not as well-supported (or even exist) in the scientific community. Using more than one approach, such as minoxidil plus a supplement, can also be beneficial. A dermatologist or hair specialist should be seen if your hair loss does not improve or worsens after you attempt several methods.


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