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What Causes Low Testosterone in Men and What to Do About It


Many men suffer from low testosterone levels, resulting in different symptoms and conditions. Low T is often seen as a problem that only men are affected by, but they still may not know how to treat it or what specifically caused the issue. 

Testosterone refers to a hormone produced by the testes in males. It is more specifically known as the male sex hormone, which helps maintain your sex drive, fertility, and strength in men. If you suffer from low testosterone due to a medical condition, it can lead to several symptoms and consequences. Around 39% of older men record a decrease in their testosterone levels, so understanding how to increase your T levels may help with these issues.

Causes of Low Testosterone

There are many different possible causes of low testosterone in men. Some are unexpected, and some are easily remedied. The cause depends on the man’s health, but there are a few general causes.


As you age, your body naturally produces less testosterone. This is due to a decrease in the size of your testes as you get older. They don’t create as much testosterone as they did when you were younger as they shrink.


Alcohol can be a cause of low testosterone. In men, it can cause your body to decrease the levels of the male sex hormone. If you have been drinking heavily and find yourself suffering from low T, you may want to cut back or quit drinking alcohol.


Stress can also cause low testosterone. If you are under a lot of stress, your body may think that it is being in a state of fight or flight and will decrease the production of the male sex hormone.


Obesity can cause low T in men because the excess fat cells lower their levels of the male sex hormone.

Medical Conditions

If you are sick or have an illness, your body may not produce as much testosterone. If you notice that you have low testosterone and have recently taken a large amount of medication, this may be the reason for your symptoms. Many medications can lower male sex hormones, including those used for high blood pressure, prostate cancer, and heart disease.

Physical Injury

If you have suffered a physical injury to your testes, this may cause your body to produce less testosterone. This is a common injury in men who play contact sports and are often injured.


You may have low testosterone due to genetics. If your family has a history of low T, you could inherit this disease from your parents. Some inherited conditions include undescended testicles, Klinefelter’s syndrome, and hemochromatosis.

What to Do About Low T

If you are suffering from low testosterone, there are plenty of ways to treat it to feel better. You may also want to consider treatment if your doctor tells you that you have low T or don’t feel like yourself anymore. The following methods may help you to increase your levels of the male sex hormone and possibly improve your symptoms.

Get Healthy

The first step in treating low testosterone is to get healthy. If your overall health is poor, you will find that it is much harder to increase your T levels. Considering June will be Men’s Health Month, they should observe healthy diets and exercise.

Work Out

You can feel healthier and increase your testosterone levels by exercising. Working out also helps improve your mood and may help relieve some of the stress-causing you to have low T.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Many men have reported that using testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) has increased their levels of T. TRT is a therapy used to help people with low T. It is a controlled treatment to increase testosterone to help you feel better and improve your symptoms.

Lose Weight

Losing weight can also help to increase testosterone levels. If you are overweight, you may need to lose a large amount of weight to get testosterone levels restored. You may avoid consuming foods with a high saturated fat content if you wish to try and improve your T levels.

Avoid Alcohol Consumption

It is important to avoid drinking alcohol if you suffer from low testosterone. To maintain a healthy T level, you will want to stop drinking alcohol.

Contact the Professionals

Low testosterone is an issue that affects men of all ages in different ways. It is not just a problem seen in older men but also in younger men and even women. If you suffer from this condition, you may want to consider treatment to feel better and restore your natural chemistry. Contact experts from a medical spa to learn more about improving T levels.


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