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The Importance of Wearing Sun Cream Daily


We are all well aware of the importance of maintaining healthy skin. Our mothers, just like their mothers before them, pounded the importance of it into our brains. Many of us immediately think of the best daily skin care regimen when we hear the phrase “taking care of your skin.” (I plan to write an article on this topic in the not-too-distant future; in the interim, keep your eyes peeled literally!) But some of us, including myself in the past, are lax when it comes to providing ourselves with the bare minimum of protection from the Sun, the celestial body that we Brits love to “worship,” pursue, and ultimately discover on an average of three days each summer. I’ll admit that I’ve belonged to this group in the past. I am aware that this has been explored in the past, but there is never enough knowledge about a subject that is so fundamental to our welfare and the long-term health of our skin.

Surprisingly, it is still widely believed in our modern society that you shouldn’t wear sun protection unless it is sunny or warm outside. This may be a lie we tell ourselves unintentionally because we don’t want to spend the extra money on items that are “out of season” or because we are willing to do just about everything to have a perfect tan. I’m not lying when I suggest it’s a good investment to buy sunscreen. Because despite what we might believe or how much we would wish we were, we are not invulnerable. Without a doubt, you may be thinking, “I don’t need sun cream right now, it’s so chilly for the Summer; the sun is barely making an appearance!” Even though this might be the case, you must take precautions to shield your skin from the sun. I agree that it is quite aggravating because the weather we are experiencing right now has nothing to do with the lovely torment that was the temperature a year ago when we were all cooped up. There is absolutely no relationship between that weather and the weather we are currently experiencing. But there’s some startling news: your skin still needs protection even when there’s no sun and no Mr. Blue Sky.

I’ve collected a list of some noteworthy figures and information about key aspects of sunscreen use, such as:

  • The main danger we must protect ourselves against is the all-pervasive and damaging nature of UV (ultraviolet) rays. They are a direct source of radiation, thus protecting yourself from their effects is crucial.
  • You can reduce your risk of having melanoma by around 50% and of developing squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), a kind of skin cancer, by about 40% if you use sun protection every day, even if it’s something as basic as factor 15.
    • The second most common type of skin cancer overall, SCC is the cutaneous, or deep within the skin, variety. Abnormal growth of squamous, or flat, skin cells is known as squamous cell carcinoma.
    • Another type of skin cancer that you may be aware of is melanoma due to its high prevalence. It often spreads quickly to other parts of the body if it is not treated right away while still in the early stages of growth. There are a few less well-known facts about melanomas, such as the following: While 20–30% of melanomas are discovered in moles that were already existing on the patient’s body, 70–80% of melanomas develop on skin that is in perfect health. I know I did, and it’s possible that you will also find this shocking. I’ve always been told to keep a close eye on the moles I currently have and to watch for changes that might indicate a malicious motive. I must search for any indications that something nefarious may have been responsible for the adjustments. I will personally make it a point to be on the lookout for any new moles, and we should all prioritize developing the capacity to tell apart between moles that look typical and those that don’t.
  • Half an hour prior to your intended time in the sun is the ideal time to apply sunblock or cream for the first time. Keep track of how long you intend to be outside because, in order to keep the same amount of protection, you must reapply it every two hours.
  • Always remember that you’ll need a higher factor—at least factor 50 or 60—when exposed to hotter temperatures and more intense sun rays. If you work or spend a lot of time outside, you should wear at least factor 30. When it is not particularly hot or sunny, SPF 15 is the best choice for daily use. When it is not too hot or sunny, SPF 15 is good for daily use.
  • When selecting the finest sun cream for you, there are a few highly crucial active ingredients that are not included in all forms of sun protection and that you should be on the lookout for. These ingredients can be categorized into two groups:
    • Two substances that fit into this group are avobenzone and octisalate. These work by absorbing the UV rays that are bad for your skin before they may hurt you or cause you problems in the future.
    • Physical (or mineral) compounds include zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, two of the most prevalent ones. An important advantage of them is that they effectively block and disperse the rays before they have a chance to enter the skin’s layers.

You can be certain that a sun lotion will offer you the required amount of protection if it contains any of these substances on the list of ingredients.

  • Another surprising truth that few people are aware of is the necessity to reapply sunscreen after swimming because even the thickest layers of sunscreen can be washed away by the water. More individuals are shocked to hear that after sweating, you need a new layer of clothing.
  • There is a common fallacy that only those with extremely pale skin, ginger hair, and freckles should wear sun protection on a regular basis. This is definitely not true! No matter how much melanin your skin contains or if you have a lighter or darker skin tone, you need that gloop.
  • Don’t rely exclusively on cream, please! Additionally, it’s critical to seek out shade whenever it’s possible, drink enough water to stay hydrated, and wear eye and head protection. Let’s all put on our largest hats and most outrageously large sunglasses.

Without a question, everyone here is looking forward to having a good time, especially as the summer approaches and the temperature will finally start to climb. After being placed in lockdown three times, we certainly deserve to unwind. Remember, though, that enjoying yourself in the sun and taking the proper care to protect your skin is not opposing objectives. It is entirely possible to combine the two and take care of your beautiful skin for the present and for all of the days to come while enjoying your ultimate dream vacation (despite being limited to green travel zones only) or a delightful day on the shores of the magnificent English coastline. Don’t forget that PSS is your go-to source for expert sun protection goods and services as you work to save your face.


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